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GCUC UK:Occupiers and Landlords Working Together for Enhanced Building Experiencesセッションの感想。

Occupiers and Landlords Working Together for Enhanced Building Experiences

Join us for an exclusive fireside chat where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from two exceptional individuals who have revolutionised the world of collaboration between occupiers and landlords.

Throughout their discussion, you’ll learn about the shared expectations and mutual responsibilities that drive their collaboration, how they successfully modeled the partnership, and the remarkable synergy that has driven them to create an unparalleled tenant experience.

James Frankis

VP Product, Convene

Dan Higginson

Director, Development and Leasing, Greycoat Real Estate LLP

今回の会場のConvene(シカゴのGCUCもConvene)の人と、不動産の会社のパートナーのやりとりの予定だったが、GCUC CEOのLiz ElamがConvene側の代理となった。




午前中のInstant Groupの発表では、コワーキングスペースはサステナビリティ投資をほとんどやらないと残念がっていたが、2極化は進んでいて優良企業はちゃんとした物件を選ばなければいけない状況にうまく乗るケースもあるようだ。

The Good, The Bad and The Brilliant: A Look at the UK Market

Join James Rankin and John Williams from The Instant Group as they put the UK market under the microscope. This kick off session will share data and insights on the state of flexible workspace in the UK, including pricing, demand, occupancy and overall industry trends. Grab your coffee and don’t miss it – it’s everything you need to start your conversations throughout the conference.

John Williams

Chief Marketing Officer, The Instant Group

James Rankin

Head of Research and Insights, The Instant Group






Be More Pirate 🏴‍☠️

Forget for a moment, everything you think you know about pirates. Alex will kick off the day by uncovering some of the lessons from the Golden Age of Piracy; taking the cartoonish buccaneers we know from pop culture, and reframing them as social revolutionaries and entrepreneurs that challenged the status quo and altered the course of history. Be More Pirate encourages everyone to reclaim their agency and make bolder, braver moves in business, so this opening keynote will challenge you to think differently about how we collectively work together to rewrite the rules of work in the 21st century.

Alex Barker leads Be More Pirate – a book turned social movement that helps individuals and organisations to rewrite their rules using the principles of the Golden Age of Piracy. She is a speaker and facilitator, co-author of ‘How to Be More Pirate’ and a speaking coach for women. Alex has worked with a wide range of global companies such as Salesforce, Dyson and Vodafone, and is committed to building a diverse community of modern pirates.